Facilities and Vineyards

In Ancient Mantineia of the Arcadian plain, just outside Tripoli, is the winery and our privately owned vineyards.
The emblematic presence of the Peloponnese and mainly of Arcadia is the Moschofilero wine.

In our winery, every year, a high quality white, rose’, organic and moschofilero Mantineia is produced, from the grape harvest of our own Arcadian vineyards, which we cultivate with care.

Moschofilero is the variety of white wine PDO Mantineia, which is cultivated mainly on the homonymous plateau, at an altitude of over 650 m.

The soil, the special microclimate, and the low acreage yields favor the cultivation of moschofilero, which
is a native variety of high quality, with acidity, intense minerality and citrus aromas.

This variety is now planted in many parts of Greece, however it is identified with Mantineia, since in no other area has it given all the aromas and the unique character of this area.
The Mantineia PDO zone is one of the characteristic single-variety zones in Greece, which is popular both inside and outside the borders.