Domain Papageorgiou

In Ancient Mantinia you can find our production, where we produce for years your favorite wine with grape varieties such as Moschofilero, Roditis, Cabernet, Merlot, Agiorgitiko. Ιn our wines you will taste wonderful colors and aromas of the Arcadian land.


The cultivation of grapes for organic wine is now very widespread as its consumption has been steadily increasing in recent years. This has led to a corresponding increase in organic wine producers around the world and also in our country.

In our winery we produce with taste, organic wine, Moschofilero and Cabernet, certified by an official certification company. This certification is given after regular inspections in our vineyards, where it is certified that the grapes that we grow for the production of our organic wine, comply with the standards set by Greek legislation.

Ιn order to better understand the process and differences of a non-organic in relation to an organic wine, the most important thing about viticulture is that the viticulturist does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. This means that in organic wine, only natural additives are allowed. Such organic interventions are achieved with the use of natural fertilizers for the growth of the plant and the use of sulfur to fight diseases. In this way, the vine will grow naturally and our organic wine will reward us in the end with taste, since it will give us all its natural characteristics, in terms of its variety.

There is no doubt that in organic products the taste is pure, complex and simply wonderful. New studies bring evidence that organic wine tastes better than its conventional counterpart. And it makes sense, if we consider that cultivation without fertilizers reduces the yield of the vine, which improves the quality, because the vine needs to ripen a smaller amount of grapes and so their juice becomes denser and therefore tastier. Also, the microorganisms that grow in the soil, using biological methods, give intensity to the aroma and taste of the grapes and give a truer expression of the terroir, ie the natural environment of the vine.

It is important to note that organic farming respects the balance of ecosystems, and protects the aquifer from hazardous substances. So, by cultivating organic vineyards, we in turn help, for a healthier environment in the next generations.

Another important difference compared to conventional wine, is that organic wines contain much less than the allowed amount of sulfite, which is used to prevent the action of unwanted yeasts and bacteria or to kill them and on the other hand to protect the wine from oxidation. Lack of sulfite, as a result, the consumption of organic wine, does not cause dizziness, upset stomach and “heavy head”.