Project Description

Κτήμα Παπαγεωργίου

MOSCHOFILERO Organic White Wine Bottled 750ml

βιολογικό κρασί

Produced in Artemisio of Ancient Mantinia. Wine from Ancient Mantinia of Arcadia. In the organic vineyard of low acreage yield in Artemisio, at an altitude of 650m.,produced the white wine Helios Gennima, Moschofilero-Mantinia.
Cooling at 6 degrees, decomposition and slow fermentation at 12 degrees.
Clear balanced, with acidity Rich fruit aromas with a long aftertaste

Production Units: Domain Papageorgiou

Preference & Color:White Wine

Packaging: Bottled

Capacity Lt: 750ml

Pieces / Box: 1×6

Maturity: 12 Months