The winery was founded in 2004, in the area of ​​the ancient city of Mantinia, near Artemisio. Its establishment is due to the winemaking and viticulture technician Christina Papageorgiou, who has been active in the field of winemaking, bottling and marketing of wine since 1998. It is a sole proprietorship and produces selected local wines from noble grape varieties: Moschofilero, Agiorgitiko, Chardonnay, Mantinia.
Organic Agriculture: Moschofilero, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Recently, it strengthened the production by including in its potential the unit for production and bottling of distillates in Avlonari, Evia, under the name “ALPHA HELLENIC EQUIPMENT COMPANY LTD”. Alpha company, based in Avlonari, Evia, was founded in 2014 by Dimitris Paraskevas and Christina Papageorgiou in collaboration and enters dynamically in the production and bottling of Tsipouro and Ouzo in various packages.

Modern Production Unit


It has twenty (20) acres of privately owned organic vineyards in the area and cooperates with notable producers.
Modern Production Unit winery has:

  • Cooling pneumatic press
  • Stainless steel refrigerated fermentation and storage tanks
  • Bottling line
  • Underground aging cellar in French oak barrels and bottle storage
  • Our winery is certified for the production and bottling of organic wines.

The Modern distillery has:

  • Distillation ambush for tsipouro
  • Tanks for storage and bottling
  • Bottling line

The Goals

The development goals of the company, for the next 2 years, include:

  • Renewal and enrichment with more tanks
  • New mechanical equipment
  • Purchase of 30 more acres for cultivation
  • Configuration of the winery, visitable for the public

Our winery is certified for the production of organic wines.

Sincerely, Christina Papageorgiou